On Spams, Books, and many other things

November 29, 2010

I was just checking Akismet’s spam queue here at my wordpress, and saw quite a few suspected spams that, very obviously they ARE spams.

I mean, their comments might seem to be real, but just check their emails and their URLs and it’s a big giveaway that… it’s a spam.

There was once I received some comments that up to now I’m not sure if it’s spam or not… I’m leaning towards thinking that it IS spam, but it probably isn’t either, so I’m still just as lost right now.

Been reading a crapload of books for the last 2 weeks. I’ve just finished reading Billy: Messenger of Powers. It was funny and I’ll probably go after the series once the following titles come out. I wonder if one day it’ll turn out to be so popular like the Harry Potter series and then I’ll lose interest in it.

That reminds me I still have the last 3 Harry Potter books to read… but… I just couldn’t bother…

My Kindle has been really lovely lately. I’m not going to elaborate as I tend to jinx myself when I talk too much.

Chinese has been going on smoothly. There’s a new batch of words I should be studying and studying I am. It just seems that no matter how many times I study, I manage to learn how to read the word but I can hardly ever write it out again without looking. argh…. which defeats the purpose… as I mainly already know how to read the characters!

Life has been okay-ish. I think I’m currently in a slump and i’ve been in no mood for anything. I’ve been feeling like crawling into my bed to sleep off the rest of my days, but work is still work and I have to drag myself out every single day.

If anyone happens to pass by, without giving it second thoughts, Recommend me a good book! It can be any book. Don’t have to think about whether it’s accessible for me or not. Just blurt out a book or two that you recommend, I’ll worry about how to get it later 😀

Happy(?) Monday!


One comment

  1. i recommend My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.

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