焼きそばパン?Yakisoba Pan?

December 8, 2010

I’m in danger of sounding extremely nerdy or geeky, but well, I felt pretty excited today.
As a kid, I watched a Japanese Animation called きんぎょ注意報![kingyo chuuihou!] (Hong Kong: 娛樂金魚眼/Eye of the Golden Fish)

English Wiki / Japanese Wiki / Honobono Site

It’s a very stupid cartoon animation* where cows and pigs and chickens talk and attend school with people. It’s deadly hilarious, and back then, even with my non-Chinese reading days, I painstakingly found and got the whole set of manga. I had to run to second-hand stores, special order from shops, went to “manga loan-houses” that were closing down to buy off the manga cheap.

* A real otaku would argue that cartoons are American stuff like batman, mickey mouse, etc… and that Animations are the Japanese, erm… cartoons.

Right now, that set of manga is somewhere in that inaccessible bookshelf. I’d like to extricate them one day. So here’s a randomly nicked photo from Google Image search.

Then, in around 2005, they decided to do a re-publishing of the Japanese Manga… with newer, improved covers! Though the characters didn’t quite look themselves in the new covers. I’m taking their word that it’s just a re-publishing in a new package and hoping that there isn’t any new add-on stories to it. I’ve read the Chinese version books so many times, I could probably retell the story if I really tried to.

Anyway, the point of my making this introduction to Kinchuu (short for Kingyo Chuuihou) is that, in the TV Animation series, the school canteen served a particularly strange meal of 焼きそばパン Yaki-soba Pan (Noodles bun, or Noodles Sandwich, Chinese 炒麵三文治包). In that episode, I remember 千歳 Chitose, in her quest to “refine” the rural school, issued an ultimatum that it should be called 焼きそばクロワッサン Yakisoba Croissant, because a Croissant is more classy than a bun/sandwich. Like I said, it was stupid, but hilarious.


And today, I found out, that somewhere quite near my workplace, there is a Japanese Hot-Dog take-out that sells… 焼きそばパン Yakisoba pan!! Lookie!

Yakisoba Pan 焼きそばパン

I wouldn’t say it was yuck, in fact, it was quite good, but I admit that it’s strange. I think the carbohydrates index, if there are any, would go haywire though. I mean, noodles and bread…. That Hot-Dog take-out supposedly has a very famous Green Tea Soy Milk, but they were out of Green Tea, what a pity! And I heard that it’s really good (not the fake famous-by-adverts very common here in Macau these days).


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