Soon to update with everything

January 19, 2011

So… a bit of summary for you to know what I’ve been up to…

– December 2010 – Quick trip to Singapore with the cuzzies
– January 2011 – Tour with 2 friends to Harbin… in which I also visited other cities like Jilin, Shenyeng, and Changchun
– Read a few books on my Kindle, including, but not limited to Invisible (Ivy Malone), The Accidental Demon Slayer, Billy: Messenger of Powers, The Queen’s Dollmaker, A Dog Named Slugger, etc… I’m now reading a non-fiction book, Stupid History: Tales of Stupidity, and it’s been an enjoyable read so far. Hope to go on reading more!
– Been to the ASKA FACES TOUR 2011 -Macau Stop @ Ventian Macau Cotai Arena- it was FANTASTIC!
– Been to the Zoorasian Brass Concert
– Trip to Hong Kong to get some stuff done for the boss
– Bought Joe Hisaishi’s Melodophony CD
– Also bought Chage & Aska’s Asian Communications Best CD collection (at a very economical price!)
– Bought a couple of new books for my Kindle
– Still haven’t thought of any resolutions for the new year
– Have thought of some budgetary control plans for myself

oh, did I mention I spent my Birthday in the Harbin Ski Resort? It was really fun, I screamed so much (as I couldn’t stop myself) and the coach had to pull me back… Skiing is fun, but to go to such cold places… I guess, never again! Perhaps next time I should only go to Korea to the man-made ski-places then.

And with that, I have to go get some other things done… my Japanese blog is going stale… I really need to update it some time.


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