The Queen’s Dollmaker

January 20, 2011

The Queen’s Dollmaker
Christine Trent
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Product Description:
On the brink of revolution, with a tide of hate turned against the decadent royal court, France is in turmoil–as is the life of one young woman forced to leave her beloved Paris. After a fire destroys her home and family, Claudette Laurent is struggling to survive in London. But one precious gift remains: her talent for creating exquisite dolls that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France herself, cherishes. When the Queen requests a meeting, Claudette seizes the opportunity to promote her business, and to return home. . .

Amid the violence and unrest, Claudette befriends the Queen, who bears no resemblance to the figurehead rapidly becoming the scapegoat of the Revolution. But when Claudette herself is lured into a web of deadly political intrigue, it becomes clear that friendship with France’s most despised woman has grim consequences. Now, overshadowed by the specter of Madame Guillotine, the Queen’s dollmaker will face the ultimate test.

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This was an enjoyable read. Claudette’s hardships felt real, but the emotions felt a bit forced. Perhaps I found Claudette too forgiving? There were some parts where I felt there could be a little more elaboration. Like, why she came to such and such a conclusion, what her path of thought was… I might read other books by Trent if the topic so interests me, but not because I particularly like her… if you get my drift…?

By the middle part of the book, it focused too much on the queen’s story, making it feel like reading a different book altogether. Detailing how the queen spent her days, what she did with the King… I mean, the initial part of having a few chapters focusing on Claudette, and then a chapter on the queen was good pacing, but by the end it was like a few chapters of the queen and then only a snippet on Claudette, the supposed heroine of the book.

Overall it was a good read.


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