My Favorite Place to Drive

March 2, 2011

It's hard to answer this question when the city, including the outlying islands and "countryside" is just under 30KM square. And considering I hardly drive nowadays, plus there is just no "driving for pleasure" around here… I have to say… my favourite place to drive would be Coloanne Island (so-called countryside here) but then that being the countryside it would mean polluting there when I drive there… so I tend not to go there too often.

Besides, there's no traffic lights… virtually no traffic (yet!) over there…

Anyway, if this were a question of what type of car to drive… then I'd have to say a tall car. Doesn't have to be a large car, just the driver's seat a little higher, so I can see everything! And that means, my car 😀 Toyota Echo Verso (I think in USA it's the Toyota Yaris Echo… or the IST….)

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