My First Drive

March 2, 2011

Vehicle… would a bicycle be considered a vehicle? I guess yes, but I'm assuming this prompt is more about cars or scooters. Anyway, I'll answer for both.

The first time I rode a bicycle – I don't even know when it was. I only remember I was a wild, wild, crazy kid and I was riding down slopes, biking up slopes, skidding and stuff. That was when my Dad had a restaurant in a… um… not country-side, but a rather out-of-city green & nature area. Nowadays if you give me a bike, I doubt I could ride it like I did before.

As for cars and scooters… so far I only have a car driving license. My very first drive was the "technical" lesson I had on driving with Mr. Afonso. My mom was in the car as well, and this Mr. Afonso was nagging me about the basics. I was learning how to drive stick.

"When you drive, you have to look far ahead, so you know what you should be doing already way way beforehand. Look to the front!" he would say, and then when we were passing by the then still-in-construction Venetian Macau (Cotai Strip) he would suddenly yell "LOOK at that! See how fast they are building that giant!"

My mom and I were flabbergasted… and well, let's just say I was torn between telling him "I have to look to the front, no?" and… well, I dunno. But this Afonso speaks Portuguese only, and my Portuguese was (and is) crap, so yeah… it was a weird time.

But I'm also happy to say that nothing happened on that first drive.

There's also first "public" driving after I got my license, and first driving my very own car. But I'll leave it at that for now.

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