My Musical Abilities

March 13, 2011

Actually, yes, I play the piano.

I was quite the whiz when I was a kid. But I wasn't really paying too much attention to the lessons, and the teacher was a bit off, so I stopped.

Well, I never studied any theory. I started learning to play the piano, and the teacher plunged me right into the Beyer book. Then I did the Grade 1 exam. After that, he started to teach me Grade 3 stuff, and I did the Grade 3 exam. He then attempted to put in my the Grade 5 curriculum, STILL without having me learn any theory.

I remember once, he scolded me really badly. He was talking on the phone or something, and I was playing something from the Grade 5 book, then he said "you should play it like this in this part"

So I spent the following week playing as he instructed. And then when it was class time again, I played it as he said I should, and he yelled at me. I replied "but that's how you told me to play it last week!" and he had the audacity to reprimand me with a "You should not blame others on what you did wrong."

I admit I was pretty much a slowpoke when I was a kid, and I don't remember much of my child-years. But THIS incident I remember so well… so well that in that summer, we paused our lessons because we were going to Portugal for 2 long months, and when we came back, I never called him anymore. I officially quit.

To date, I'm still pretty shakey on theory. I can't really read the scores well (I played mainly by memory – I'd look at the teacher play, remember how the rhythm and chords are, then replay as he had) and I don't have any pieces that I could just whip out and play…. well, yes, the whole of Fur Elise (Beethovan) and a tiny little bit of The Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss).

I like collecting piano scores though, and have a few pieces that I had tried learning, but with my sucky theory, I never managed to learn anything properly.

So there you go. Another shame for me?

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