Pretty hectic

April 15, 2011

I have good reason to have had disappeared. Life has been hectic. As I type this, I’m feeling pretty sick.
I’m now going for scooter lessons. Exam on next Wednesday. I doubt I’ll pass, but ohwell, I’ll be going for the test alright.



  1. Hello, how have you been?
    I can’t comment so often, well, I often visited your blog. I was so busy anyway indeed life is so.
    In a case like this, I think I want to learn English more. I usually don’t have opportunity using English.

    well,Good luck!

    • hello,
      really, long time no see!
      I’ve been busy also, and that’s why it’s so quiet here. Anyway, I’ve moved my blog, in case you are interested. notte0.livejournal.com
      I will still be keeping my links though, so I could be in easy contact with you. Thanks and good luck to you too!

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