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Spam posts

October 31, 2016

hi. I noticed there were 2 spam posts posted, both not written by me. This blog is NOT ACTIVE anymore.

Thank you.


Moving for good

May 1, 2011

Dear Friends and readers,

This WordPress has been a fun and memorable place for me. As all great things go, it has to come to an end sometime. I guess this would be the time for me at WordPress.

I now reside at Livejournal. Specifically, my blog is now at It is semi private, but still I mainly write public posts. Therefore, please update your bookmarks, and hopefully I’ll see you there too!

PS. Livejournal now accepts external commentors as well, so there is no need to register for a Livejournal account to comment. Thanks!!



Pretty hectic

April 15, 2011

I have good reason to have had disappeared. Life has been hectic. As I type this, I’m feeling pretty sick.
I’m now going for scooter lessons. Exam on next Wednesday. I doubt I’ll pass, but ohwell, I’ll be going for the test alright.


My Musical Abilities

March 13, 2011

Actually, yes, I play the piano.

I was quite the whiz when I was a kid. But I wasn't really paying too much attention to the lessons, and the teacher was a bit off, so I stopped.

Well, I never studied any theory. I started learning to play the piano, and the teacher plunged me right into the Beyer book. Then I did the Grade 1 exam. After that, he started to teach me Grade 3 stuff, and I did the Grade 3 exam. He then attempted to put in my the Grade 5 curriculum, STILL without having me learn any theory.

I remember once, he scolded me really badly. He was talking on the phone or something, and I was playing something from the Grade 5 book, then he said "you should play it like this in this part"

So I spent the following week playing as he instructed. And then when it was class time again, I played it as he said I should, and he yelled at me. I replied "but that's how you told me to play it last week!" and he had the audacity to reprimand me with a "You should not blame others on what you did wrong."

I admit I was pretty much a slowpoke when I was a kid, and I don't remember much of my child-years. But THIS incident I remember so well… so well that in that summer, we paused our lessons because we were going to Portugal for 2 long months, and when we came back, I never called him anymore. I officially quit.

To date, I'm still pretty shakey on theory. I can't really read the scores well (I played mainly by memory – I'd look at the teacher play, remember how the rhythm and chords are, then replay as he had) and I don't have any pieces that I could just whip out and play…. well, yes, the whole of Fur Elise (Beethovan) and a tiny little bit of The Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss).

I like collecting piano scores though, and have a few pieces that I had tried learning, but with my sucky theory, I never managed to learn anything properly.

So there you go. Another shame for me?

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Macau Tidbits: Zaia vs. THODW

March 13, 2011

I tried to let myself cool off a bit after watching Franco Dragone’s The House Of Dancing Water (THODW) before writing this comparison with Cirque du Soleil’s ZAIA. I wanted to think it all out before making any errors that I would punch myself for in the future.

I watched the ZAIA last year, and just watched THODW last week. Before I go into any of my opinion-divulging, basic information to share:

ZAIA [ Official Website ]
Cirque du Soleil
Location: The Venetian Macau, Cotai Strip
Shuttle bus available from Macau Ferry Terminal, China Border Gate. Unsure if shuttle service is available from the Airport.
Schedule: Changes every week. Mainly 5pm and 8pm. Sometimes 3pm. Check complete official schedule.
Ticket categories: 4 categories: VIP, Reserve A, Reserve B, Reserve C, Adult & Child price available. Pricing table.
Seating notes: n/a

The House of Dancing Water [ Official Website ]
Franco Dragone
Location: City of Dreams, Cotai Strip
Shuttle bus available from Macau Ferry Terminal, China Border Gate, Macau Tower, Sintra Hotel. Unsure if shuttle service is available from the Airport.
Schedule: 5pm and 8pm, NO SHOWS on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Check ticketing website.
Ticket categories: 4 categories: VIP, Reserve A, Reserve B, Reserve C, Adult and Child price available. Click on "Tickets Only" in main page for pricing table.
Seating notes: Front row seats (say first 3 rows) may catch rain/water splashes. Also, the theatre is round, seatings in the 2 ends of the "U" shape may miss out on background props.

Well, I shall say that again, I watched ZAIA last year, so I’m not so sure about the plot line, but it was something about a girl dreaming about the skies and the outer space. THODW, on the other hand… despite it being fresh in my mind, I have no idea what it was about… just some Lady Gaga look-alike queen locking a girl away.

Not wanting to delve too much into actual plot-lines, my opinion, is that, ZAIA is the winner here. It was easy to understand, the costumes are very nice, the acrobatics, skills, choreography, and music are wonderful. Perhaps it’s also because I liked all the dreaming aspect of ZAIA too, so I like ZAIA a lot more than THODW.

THODW, is pretty much the same like ZAIA. Yes, THODW is a lot more impressive in the technological sense, but I don’t think that alone is enough to make it "the best show". What’s so special with their technology? The ground, or stage, of THODW can change from solid ground to deep pool of water in less than a minute. So we see acrobatics and extreme diving in the same show. But that’s it. The music is nice, but you can’t buy the soundtrack – it’s not available for sale. I was a bit confused by the story line. The costumes are nice, but not stellar. Choreography, hm….

THODW does have a motorbike show which ZAIA doesn’t have. I was pretty impressed by that. It’s my first time watching a live motorbike show (those jumping over things show?). However, that doesn’t really make THODW so much more different from ZAIA.

If I may make such a statement, to me, THODW is just ZAIA, but with some water.

When it comes to shows, I’m not too picky of the pricing, but I guess for a family show it does make a difference. The Adult ticket prices are a nice tie between the two shows, but for children prices, ZAIA wins again. Besides, there is a lot of strong lighting and booming noise effects for THODW, so younger children might get frightened off by that.

One more rant for THODW… I hate that backdrop/background goddess that appears and does nothing. It irks me so. Can’t they cut her out of the show? Doesn’t serve a purpose at all.
So… I guess that’s it for this? Finally, I have one topic off my draft list now >:D
I hope anyone visiting Macau and considering either one of the shows may find this helpful. Of course, if you go to both shows, you may gain your own impression 🙂

My Favorite Place to Drive

March 2, 2011

It's hard to answer this question when the city, including the outlying islands and "countryside" is just under 30KM square. And considering I hardly drive nowadays, plus there is just no "driving for pleasure" around here… I have to say… my favourite place to drive would be Coloanne Island (so-called countryside here) but then that being the countryside it would mean polluting there when I drive there… so I tend not to go there too often.

Besides, there's no traffic lights… virtually no traffic (yet!) over there…

Anyway, if this were a question of what type of car to drive… then I'd have to say a tall car. Doesn't have to be a large car, just the driver's seat a little higher, so I can see everything! And that means, my car 😀 Toyota Echo Verso (I think in USA it's the Toyota Yaris Echo… or the IST….)

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My First Drive

March 2, 2011

Vehicle… would a bicycle be considered a vehicle? I guess yes, but I'm assuming this prompt is more about cars or scooters. Anyway, I'll answer for both.

The first time I rode a bicycle – I don't even know when it was. I only remember I was a wild, wild, crazy kid and I was riding down slopes, biking up slopes, skidding and stuff. That was when my Dad had a restaurant in a… um… not country-side, but a rather out-of-city green & nature area. Nowadays if you give me a bike, I doubt I could ride it like I did before.

As for cars and scooters… so far I only have a car driving license. My very first drive was the "technical" lesson I had on driving with Mr. Afonso. My mom was in the car as well, and this Mr. Afonso was nagging me about the basics. I was learning how to drive stick.

"When you drive, you have to look far ahead, so you know what you should be doing already way way beforehand. Look to the front!" he would say, and then when we were passing by the then still-in-construction Venetian Macau (Cotai Strip) he would suddenly yell "LOOK at that! See how fast they are building that giant!"

My mom and I were flabbergasted… and well, let's just say I was torn between telling him "I have to look to the front, no?" and… well, I dunno. But this Afonso speaks Portuguese only, and my Portuguese was (and is) crap, so yeah… it was a weird time.

But I'm also happy to say that nothing happened on that first drive.

There's also first "public" driving after I got my license, and first driving my very own car. But I'll leave it at that for now.

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