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One-day Holiday

April 5, 2011

So I had a day off today. I guess it was a wasted day, but hey, I’m entitled to waste some days if I want to!

Besides, it being a public holiday means even all the shops & hang out locations have a 70% chance of being closed today. So there.

Slept in till 9:30am… Sweet, sweet, sweet sleeping! As usual, walked the dogs, played a bit on Facebook, read a lot, walked the dogs again dinner… And that’s about what happened…

Here, a photo of our hike 😀




February 14, 2011

I believe it’s about time I made an appearance again.

Life has been very boring.

I’ve been sick over the CNY and now thankfully I’m almost fully recovered. I hope I don’t get sick again in the foreseeable future. I’ve come to the conclusion that it sucks to be sick.

Actually I’ve known that for a long time, I just needed to be sick once to totally convince myself of the thought.

I’m trying to add a photo in this post but I have no idea how to do that on the WordPress app. Huh.


And it’s the last day of January

January 31, 2011

Time sure does fly…

I just want to assure everyone that I’m working to get the Harbin photos up (well, in truth, I’ve been watching The Mentalist non-stop – I got the DVD – and been reading a crapload of books, as I’ve set a goal in Goodreads that “I shall read 20 books this year”… I’ve got 3 down already, and i hope to keep the 3 books a month pace.

Work has been work and I’m working on it 😛

The dogs continue to be lovely.

I have no travel plans for this year. Though, I am itching to hop off to Osaka for a week or 10-days some time in Autumn again, I’d like to proceed with my big plan to: 1) Travel alone, 2) Roam the areas around Osaka, such as Nara, Kobe, Himeji, Uji, Kyoto, and 3) well, there’s not really a third reason 😛

In any case, I’m working my ass off… you know, work hard, play hard! I’m enjoying life!


Soon to update with everything

January 19, 2011

So… a bit of summary for you to know what I’ve been up to…

– December 2010 – Quick trip to Singapore with the cuzzies
– January 2011 – Tour with 2 friends to Harbin… in which I also visited other cities like Jilin, Shenyeng, and Changchun
– Read a few books on my Kindle, including, but not limited to Invisible (Ivy Malone), The Accidental Demon Slayer, Billy: Messenger of Powers, The Queen’s Dollmaker, A Dog Named Slugger, etc… I’m now reading a non-fiction book, Stupid History: Tales of Stupidity, and it’s been an enjoyable read so far. Hope to go on reading more!
– Been to the ASKA FACES TOUR 2011 -Macau Stop @ Ventian Macau Cotai Arena- it was FANTASTIC!
– Been to the Zoorasian Brass Concert
– Trip to Hong Kong to get some stuff done for the boss
– Bought Joe Hisaishi’s Melodophony CD
– Also bought Chage & Aska’s Asian Communications Best CD collection (at a very economical price!)
– Bought a couple of new books for my Kindle
– Still haven’t thought of any resolutions for the new year
– Have thought of some budgetary control plans for myself

oh, did I mention I spent my Birthday in the Harbin Ski Resort? It was really fun, I screamed so much (as I couldn’t stop myself) and the coach had to pull me back… Skiing is fun, but to go to such cold places… I guess, never again! Perhaps next time I should only go to Korea to the man-made ski-places then.

And with that, I have to go get some other things done… my Japanese blog is going stale… I really need to update it some time.


It’s… the NEW YEAR!

January 2, 2011

what better to do than screw the resolutions? LOL

I spent the morning in China. Went to get a pair of (fake) UGG boots. I still don’t like them, but my friends keep saying I will NEED them. But hey, it’s suede… if it gets wet, it’s gonna get soaked… so I still don’t get it… but…. whatever… It’s all the fashion trend this year… don’t they think the UGG boots have no style at all?

Snow is a very foreign concept to me. I don’t understand wet snow and dry snow and whatever.

Then there were another pair of boots on sale… and since they fit, I bought them. I usually don’t condone buying China boots… they usually stink really plastic… but those looked quite nice and I sniffed. They didn’t have that strange yuck plastic smell.

After lunch, we went to The Daiso, and I got a few pairs of wooly socks, and all that’s left is to pack my bag, and get the other jacket and the hat tomorrow.

Now I’m back home, sipping some nice hot tea and reading the Chinese textbook… having spent 5 days in Singapore, I’ve missed 2 Chinese classes, so I’m reading on to pick it up. I would be practicing the new vocabs for my dictation on Tuesday, but that’s book 1, and my Sis kept book 1, and I have no idea where it is.

As I’m reading the Chinese text, and writing this post… I’m munching on a bag of Tohato Caramel Corn crisps. This is where i’m failing my resolution… wakakaka which reminds me… I never wrote about my new resolutions for the year!

Here goes nothing:

– Set aside some time every week for reading, be it at the library, coffee shop…. just get out of the apartment and go read somewhere
– Target to read 20 books this year (I’d aim for 50, but I figured I might as well aim low first)
– Adhere to my own personal budget (especially after the Harbin Trip)
– Adopt/Sponsor a dog at the local shelter
– Pick up Japanese again
– Make time to pick up German slowly as well
– Eat healthier, possibly pack my own lunch more often

I don’t really understand resolutions… they’re made to be broken, right? Whatever…
Perhaps after this I should watch some TV… I do have a new series to start. Ryoma-den 龍馬伝… I sort of fell in love with the 坂本龍馬 in 仁-JIN-, so am hoping this would be good.

I should start packing some stuff tonight. Tomorrow at work it’ll be a busy day, catching up stuff, completing the attendance records…. ah…. and then I’m flying off on Thursday again. Wow… Busy kat is busy :3


焼きそばパン?Yakisoba Pan?

December 8, 2010

I’m in danger of sounding extremely nerdy or geeky, but well, I felt pretty excited today.
As a kid, I watched a Japanese Animation called きんぎょ注意報![kingyo chuuihou!] (Hong Kong: 娛樂金魚眼/Eye of the Golden Fish)

English Wiki / Japanese Wiki / Honobono Site

It’s a very stupid cartoon animation* where cows and pigs and chickens talk and attend school with people. It’s deadly hilarious, and back then, even with my non-Chinese reading days, I painstakingly found and got the whole set of manga. I had to run to second-hand stores, special order from shops, went to “manga loan-houses” that were closing down to buy off the manga cheap.

* A real otaku would argue that cartoons are American stuff like batman, mickey mouse, etc… and that Animations are the Japanese, erm… cartoons.

Right now, that set of manga is somewhere in that inaccessible bookshelf. I’d like to extricate them one day. So here’s a randomly nicked photo from Google Image search.

Then, in around 2005, they decided to do a re-publishing of the Japanese Manga… with newer, improved covers! Though the characters didn’t quite look themselves in the new covers. I’m taking their word that it’s just a re-publishing in a new package and hoping that there isn’t any new add-on stories to it. I’ve read the Chinese version books so many times, I could probably retell the story if I really tried to.

Anyway, the point of my making this introduction to Kinchuu (short for Kingyo Chuuihou) is that, in the TV Animation series, the school canteen served a particularly strange meal of 焼きそばパン Yaki-soba Pan (Noodles bun, or Noodles Sandwich, Chinese 炒麵三文治包). In that episode, I remember 千歳 Chitose, in her quest to “refine” the rural school, issued an ultimatum that it should be called 焼きそばクロワッサン Yakisoba Croissant, because a Croissant is more classy than a bun/sandwich. Like I said, it was stupid, but hilarious.


And today, I found out, that somewhere quite near my workplace, there is a Japanese Hot-Dog take-out that sells… 焼きそばパン Yakisoba pan!! Lookie!

Yakisoba Pan 焼きそばパン

I wouldn’t say it was yuck, in fact, it was quite good, but I admit that it’s strange. I think the carbohydrates index, if there are any, would go haywire though. I mean, noodles and bread…. That Hot-Dog take-out supposedly has a very famous Green Tea Soy Milk, but they were out of Green Tea, what a pity! And I heard that it’s really good (not the fake famous-by-adverts very common here in Macau these days).


Some more shopping :D

November 30, 2010

I did some shopping.
I should stop that.
Ah, but it’s pay day anyway, so everything’s good. I’m allowed to splurge once in a while.
And anyway, some people are going to owe me money, as the most expensive thing I got was concert tickets, so yeah…
But I really have to move on with the Christmas shopping.

So I got stuff…

Aska FACEs Live 2010-2011

Finally, Aska’s FACEs Live tickets XD
I coerced some friends to go with me. I said “See, my birthday is on 12 January, and it’s a Wednesday. If we go to the concert on 16 January, it’s almost like celebrating my birthday with me. Come oooonnnnnn!!!!!”
Well, actually, my birthday was a really weak bargaining chip. It’s Jenny and Rachel anyway, so they would have decided to go to this concert, be it my birthday or not. :/

Then we walked around the Venetian.

Lookie, Owl Earrings! My Dad got the kicks with the Key Earrings. “These are the Keys to your heart!” STFU, Dad. I got these for the Owls only.

And look at THIS CUTESY RING!!


It’s a Bear! So cute! I got it XD

We also had dinner at the Venetian’s Blue Frog. Americans are liars (OK so this is said with jest only). A burger is supposed to be meat patty cakes and other ingrediants between 2 pieces of bread, held with your hands. But noooooo… these burgers they served are so HUGE that you have to eat with a fork and a knife, and it’s tower high so you couldn’t eat it with your hands. Liars.

They were doing a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. But I’m sure if we shared one burger between the 2 of us it would have sufficed. I was stuffed, and I didn’t finish that killer dish of a Montana Burger.